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Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships. Organisation and impact. Key findings.

Hover, P.
The 2016 Amsterdam European Athletics Championships LOC
35 p.

Amsterdam 2016 European Athletics Championships : organisation and impact : key findings


The 23rd European Athletics Championships took place from 5 July to 10 July 2016 in Amsterdam. The 2016 Amsterdam European Athletics Championships LOC, the municipality of Amsterdam and the Athletics Federation committed themselves to organising an innovative top sport event under the motto ‘Athletics like never before’. The event, together with a side event programme, was also to lead to a positive social impact. This publication briefly sketches an outline as to how the organisation of the Championships worked out, the side events that were organised and the impact the 2016 Championships and its side events had. The publication is based on 4 studies that were conducted around the time of the Championships. The Mulier Institute summarised the most important findings for the purpose of this publication. With the Championships as its lead, this publication aimed to contribute to the development of the knowledge pertaining to the organisation of top sports events and making a positive social impact. This summary thereby provides knowledge, insight and inspiration to anyone who would like to excel in this area.