The Mulier Institute

We take your privacy seriously

The Mulier Institute is a research institute that handles data with care. The participants in our research are very important to us. We cannot conduct reliable research without participants such as yourself. What does this mean in practice?

  • Answers in a research report cannot be traced back to specific persons.
  • We will never share your individual answers with our clients without your permission.
  • Sometimes we ask you to answer a question in your own words. We may use these answers as a quote in a report. We do this as an illustration. We ensure that the public cannot trace the answer back to you. This is also applicable to answers you provide during a (group) interview.
  • We endorse the principles of Fair data.
  • Your answers will most often be used for one research project, but sometimes we conduct follow-up research or research with another focus. If we use your answers for more than one research project, no one will be able to trace the answers back to you.
  • Sometimes we ask research participants if we can contact them again for a new project or a follow-up. You can always stop participating in the new research project, even if you had already agreed to it.