Gegevens uit Bibliotheek

Epidemiology and prevention of injuries in physical education (INTERN). Chapter 41.

Collard, D.C.M., Nauta, J., Backx, F.J.G.
In N. Armstrong & W. van Mechelen (Eds.). Oxford textbook of children's sport and exercise medicine (pp. 547-554)

This chapter summarizes the available information on the epidemiology and prevention of injuries sustained during physical education (PE) classes. Te risk of a child sustaining an injury during PE classes is relatively small. But since so many children participate in (obligatory) PE, the absolute number of injuries is high. Not much is currently known about risk factors for PE-related injuries in children, and how to infuence injury risk. However, it is evident that PE teachers can play a large role in the prevention of injuries by creating a safe environment for play.