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Grounding the practice. Material elements in the constitution of tennis practices.

Poel, H. van der, Bakker, S.
In G. Spaargaren, D. Weenink & M. Lamers (Eds.). Practice theory and research. Exploring the dynamics of social life (pp. 131-150)

This chapter addresses the role of material elements in the constitution of practices, using tennis as a case study. At the same time, the authors aim to show that a praxeological perspective is fruitful in understanding (the evolution of) social phenomena, such as the changing prevalence for and diffusion of particular surface types in tennis, and more generally the circulation of innovations and new materials.

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Spaargaren, G., Weenink, D., Lamers, M. (2016). Practice theory and research (245 p. ISBN: 9781138101517). :