Social inclusion and volunteering in sports clubs in Europe

There is only a limited amount of knowledge on the political conditions for and structural characteristics of sports clubs that promote social inclusion and volunteering in sport. Most of the existing knowledge is, furthermore, context-specific tied to individual member states within the European Union. The main aim of the project is to provide comparable knowledge across ten European countries and to create and disseminate knowledge that can be used to promote social inclusion and volunteering in European sports clubs.

For this project the University of Southern Denmark (USD) has been awarded a Erasmus+ grant. SDU will coordinate the project in which nine other countries participate. For the Netherlands the Mulier Institute contributes.

In 2015, board members of sport clubs were invited to fill in a questionnaire regarding topics like volunteering, social bonding, sport facilities and finances. 2,030 sport clubs from the Sport Clubs Panel were invited and 868 sport clubs completed the questionnaire. The Dutch response rate of 43 per cent was the top rate within the group of ten participating countries.

In 2016 members from selected sports clubs were invited to participate in a questionnaire regarding their attitude towards the sports club and their volunteer work within that club. In Netherlands, 1,965 members responded to the questionnaire. At this time, the results are analysed. The results will be made available during the course of 2017.

Download the report Sports club policies in Europe. A comparison of the public policy context and historical origins of sports clubs across ten European countries (2016) (pdf)

Download the report Characteristics of European sports clubs. A comparison of the structure, management, voluntary work and social integration among sports clubs across ten European countries (2017) (pdf).

Download the report Involvement and commitment of members and volunteers in European Sports Clubs. A comparison of the affiliation, voluntary work, social integration and characteristics of members and volunteers in sports clubs across ten European countries (2017) (pdf)

Download the report Explaining similarities and differences between European sports clubs. An overview of the main similarities and differences between sports clubs in ten European countries and the potential explanations (2017) (pdf)

Download the report Promoting social integration and volunteering in sports clubs. Lessons from practice (2017) (pdf)

With the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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